For Shopping - Our website is very comprehensive. Over 80% of our stock is represented on the site. There is a Wish List function for you to add items and send them directly to a salesperson to place an order. We have also developed and implemented a credit card payment portal for secure and non-contact payments. We will also send pictures of items within reason (although with a skeleton crew this might take some time). 

For in person shopping, no appointment is necessary. We ask that you call from the parking lot to let us know you are here. If you are shopping for something specific, you can go directly to that building and meet a salesperson there. We will take your temperature and ask you to sign in. At that point you are free to go where you need to go. Of course, masks are mandatory and we will provide one if necessary. You can work with a salesperson, practicing six-foot social distancing, or on your own once you have gone through this process.  

For Pick-ups and Returns - Pick-ups and Returns will be handled in a similar fashion to shopping. We ask that you call from the parking lot to let us know you are here. The salesperson will direct the truck to the correct building and walk over to that building to give the crew "Customer" paperwork. We have eliminated the need for signatures on out-bound orders. A hard copy of the paperwork will ensure accuracy for the items on the invoice and for the location of the items (in which building it gets picked up and where it needs to be returned). 

We have added multiple covered structures outside of each building to allow pickups and returns to be done without contact. The crew will be asked not to enter the buildings. If a crew member needs to use the restroom, they will be directed to use only the restroom in Building Two. This is to mitigate cross contamination.
It is Production's choice to wait to have the paperwork stamped with a Partial / Complete stamp upon the return. If they do not wish to wait, we will do a timely check in and reach out to the lead person with the outcome. 

Considering there are varying standards of sanitization from one production to the next, we will clean all items prior to going out and upon return. If there is a special need/request for something more, please let us know and we can see what we can do to accommodate this request.

FYI - We check our employees' temperatures every morning and after their lunch break every day. In addition, each employee answers a confidential Covid screening questionnaire daily. We have each employee report directly to their specific building to mitigate cross contamination. All employees are provided appropriate PPE and training for donning, doffing, and disposing of PPE. 

All of the buildings have PPE (masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc.) in multiple locations for employee and customer use. All of the restroom fixtures in all of the buildings have been updated to touchless and we have an independent cleaning service come in three times a week. All high touch/high traffic areas are cleaned three times a day. 

We have had multiple IATSE employees complete classes from Health Education Services (IATSE certified) and they are recognized as Covid-19 Compliance Officers to oversee that we are handling things properly. Most importantly, as a Local 44 signatory prop house, we are held to and follow all of the White Page facility guidelines from IATSE.

Of course all of this is fluid, and we are open to any suggestions or concerns raised by our customers. As always, Lennie Marvin's Prop Heaven is here to serve with the highest degree of customer service. If you do have any suggestions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Dan at (818) 841-5882 or

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